Adidas and Guitar Cake

Adidas and Guitar Marshmallow Fondant Cake
forT2 Jojo's Birthday
7" x 10" French Vanilla Cake with Ube Cream Filling and French Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

Order by :YFC (Mama Des Sarsoza)

Hello Kitty Fondant Cake (Face)

9 x 13 Hello Kitty Face Fondant Cake
French vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream frosting

Order of Sis. Lou Parroco for her daughter Pia

Happy 5th Birthday Pia

Teddy Bear Fondant Cake

Teddy Bear Marshmallow Fondant Cake
for Matthew's 1st Birthday
9" Dark Chocolate Super Moist Cake

Order by : Ms. Malou

S-I-N-B cupcakes for Ms. Sally Saad

Cupcakes for Ms. Sally Ibrahim Saad
8 pcs. Strawberry Cupcakes
8 pcs. Vanilla Cupcakes

Lightning McQueen Fondant Cake

Lightning Mcqueen Fondant Cake
for Marcus 3rd Birthday

9" Dark Chocolate Super Moist Cake

Tinkerbell Cake for our daughter Joelle

Tinkerbell Marshmallow Fondant Cake
for our daughter Joelle

Ube Cake (Purple Yum Cake)
Frosting & Filling : Ube Butter Cream Frosting

Ube Cake (Purple Yum Cake)

9"Round Ube Cake (Purple Yum Cake)

For Aris & AJ's wedding anniversary

Flavor : Ube
Filling & Frosting : Buttercream ube flavor icing

Hello Kitty 3d Fondant Cake

9"x 13.5" Milk Chocolate Cake
Order of Ms.Leila Tuazon for Ms. Honeylyn
Frosting and filling - Chocolate Ganache

Hello Kitty Purple Cake

Order for Mariam 6th Birthday
9"Round Milk Chocolate Cake with
Chocolate Ganache Filling and Frosting